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This year, we have three (3) Class A seats and one (1) Class B seats available. All eligible voters will receive a ballot to vote for the incoming board members at the annual meeting. You may vote in your designated class of Class A or B. If you are a Class A member, you cannot also claim Class B status of the same parcel.

Ballots will be available at the annual meeting location to cast your vote. All ballots can be returned at the annual meeting or to the Downtown Troy BID office at 102 3rd Street, Troy, NY 12180 on Wednesday, May 8 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Ballots cannot be accepted after 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8.

(3 seats available)

Class A Member: Owners of record of assessed real commercial property in the district described in the Downtown Troy Business Improvement District Plan (the "Plan") for the Central Business District (the "District") of the City of Troy as the same may be amended, as approved by the City Council of the City of Troy, or such other persons as are registered with the City of Troy to receive real property tax bills for property located in the District, shall be Class A members of the Corporation, and shall be allocated one Class A vote for each separate and individually assessed parcel of real property owned.

Entitled to vote for the nine (9) seats on the Troy BID Board of Directors designated for ‘Class A’ members. Three (3) of the nine (9) seats designated for ‘Class A’ members on the BID Board of Directors are becoming vacant due to expiration of current terms.

Tara Rainstrom
Property Owner + Owner, Refuge Event Space


Tara in Montauk.jpeg

Tara Rainstrom is an artist, facilitator, and pleasure-guide that designs spaces and programs to explore our relationships with ourselves, our bodies and our pleasure.  She incorporates tools of creative expression, tantra, a variety of movement modalities, and herbalism.

Tara is the Chatelaine of Refuge Event Space and lives on the property in downtown Troy on the unseated land of the Mohican tribes.  Before opening Refuge she managed teams that designed elegant data solutions in the biotech and energy industries.

When Tara isn’t hosting or facilitating events she is dancing, playing in the woods, connecting with her body in pleasure practices, or in community with other wild and weird humans.

James Kehoe
Property Owner + Owner, Whiskey Pickle



James and his wife Erin moved to Troy in 2017, where they fell in love with the city and have been actively working to bring arts, music, and entertainment to the community.

They opened Whiskey Pickle in 2021, and have used it as a conduit to showcase visual arts, bring in regional, national, and international entertainment, and to develop several other properties on the corner which continue to bring in new businesses including Herbie's Burgers, Paper Moon, and Upstairs Arts Collective.

Brunilda “Kury” Ketcham
Property Owner + Owner, Mi Casa



Brunilda “Kury” Ketcham, a native of the Dominican Republic, opened Mi Casa in Troy, NY, in 2018, bringing authentic Dominican cuisine to the community. Her passion for cooking and dedication to the Downtown Troy community have made Mi Casa a beloved local spot. Kury is committed to expanding her business and is currently opening Mi Casa Market, just a few doors down from her existing location on Congress St., offering fresh ingredients and culinary staples. She values the diversity of Troy and takes pride in contributing to the vibrant culture of the city.

(1 seat available)

Class B Member: Tenants, who are an individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership, and who are occupants pursuant to leases of commercial space within the District, shall be Class B members of the Corporation provided such persons have applied for membership. Each separate leasehold shall be allocated one Class B Vote.

Entitled to vote for the one (1) seat on the Troy BID Board of Directors designated for ‘Class B’ members.

Monica Simon
Owner, Street Taco VII

Monica Simon Headshot_edited.jpg

Hospitality-focused, dedicated to excellence, and highly knowledgeable are just a few terms most often used to describe Monica Simon. She has over 30 years of high-level event & logistics management, team development & operations and hospitality experience.

A Troy native, born and raised, Monica graduated from Troy High School and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia State University. She organically built a collegiate high-end event planning career, most recently working for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) as Director of Advancement Events. At RPI, Ms. Simon managed and led a team of professionals that produced domestic and international events for high income donors. She coordinated global programs for the university president that required meticulous attention and extensive detailed logistics.

Prior to RPI, Ms. Simon worked for the Houston Symphony directing and leading a management team that planned the detailed components of the symphony’s key strategic fund-raising initiatives. Monica and her team also provided support and resources for program and event chairs and committees for all key appeals for raising funds.

Before arriving at the Houston Symphony Monica worked with The Associated of Former Students at Texas A&M University. She was in charge of the staff that oversaw all events and programs for the alumni center’s 280+ events and programs. Ms. Simon prepared and implemented operating plans, long-term business plans and budgeting for all events. She organized meetings and events across the United States and abroad for The Association’s Board of Directors to include all destination details and programming plans including flow and logistics. These board members were key leaders in fortune 500 companies.

Currently residing in Troy, Monica is proud to deliver the ultimate taco experience as the owner and operator of Street Taco VII. Inspired by the desire to disrupt the foodservice industry, she has delivered on a concept that brings a great Mexican infused menu in a cozy inviting atmosphere that creates an unforgettable experience where people can relax and enjoy.

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